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Dunkirk Movie Review and Full Story By Media Entertainment

Dunkirk Movie Review and Full Story By Media Entertainment

Dunkirk Movie Review

Dunkirk was directed by my favorite director, Christopher Nolan, a movie I have been eagerly waiting for over a year.”Dunkirk” is based on real events which took place during the Second World War in the English channel, so the stretch of water between Great Britain and France.In particular, the film focuses on the town of Dunkerque in France,  in which hundreds of thousands of English and French soldiers were stuck, surrounded by the enemy. The film opens with the soldiers trying to get back to England through the only possible route which is the Sea, but their resources are extremely limited, the boats are scare and have to take the soldiers on board from a dilapidated mole, in atrocious weather conditions. And the enemy could attack at any moment, both from fighter planes above their heads as well sudden offenses from ground or sea. The film gives us the story of this desperate evacuation from Dunkerque from the three different points of view:

Dunkirk Movie Review

Dunkirk Movie Review

  1. the first is that of soldiers in France trying to get back home. The main characters that we follow in this section are Tommy and his fellow fighters Alex and Gibson. The three desperately try to set off at sea but are repeatedly set back by the enemy.
  2. Protecting them from the above is the Royal Airforce, which represents the second point of view in the film. The main character in this section is Farrier alongside his fellow pilots. Their job is to try and keep the sky clear from German attacks on the soldiers and boats below.
  3. The third point of view is represented by all the civilians which set off from England on their own private small boats on a mission to help the stranded soldiers on the other side of the channel. The main boat that we follow is the boat of Mr. Dawson, which sets off with his son and another teenage friend. They are fully aware that their mission is extremely dangerous but are brave and determined to reach out and help the army.


Before watching “Dunkirk” I convinced myself to not appreciate the film just because Christopher Nolan is my favorite director because other films are some of the films are my favorite, I tried to not be influenced by these factors. I wanted to go in and have a completely new opinion about the film. And turns out, I absolutely loved “Dunkirk” I personally think it’s one of the best films of 2017, I still have to find a flaw in it and it again proves that Christopher Nolan is able to create the masterpiece in every genre. His films have covered a wide-spread variety of topics such as interstellar travel, analysis of dreams, murder and investigation, magic and illusion, the world of Batman, memory loss and now he has successfully the war movie genre.


What exactly makes “Dunkirk” so engaging?

“Dunkirk” drags us into the story right from the first opening shots in which we meet one of the very young soldiers and we see war from his point of view, we feel the need to get out of there as soon as possible, an attack could happen at any  moment from above, from below, from anywhere. There is no space for dialogues because the goal is just that of survival. So we are included in that feeling of anxiety, of wanting the characters of there. This uneasiness, this feeling of utter suspense, of something terrible lurking just behind the corner is emphasized by Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack which uses his trademark ticking sound, which counts down the time that’s flowing by, the next time to the next attack, the time to the next death. And he combines this with a nearly siren effect and a sound which appears as if it is constantly rising but without ever reaching its climax, so always keeping us on the edge of our seats. I absolutely loved how the cast was put together. If you notice many of the soldiers on the beach at Dunkerque look extremely similar.

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