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Jodi Arias Bio

Jodi Arias Bio

Jodi Arias Bio

Jodi Arias Bio

Jodi Arias was arrested on July 15, 2008, and charged with taking pictures and stabbing to loss of life her 30-yr-old ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, in his home in Meza, Arizona. Arias pleaded now not responsible, claiming that she killed Alexander in self-defense.


Jodi Ann Arias changed into born in Salinas, California, on July nine, 1980, to William Angelo and Sandy D. Arias. She has four siblings: an older 1/2-sister, two more youthful brothers, and a sister.

Jodi Arias Bio

Jodi Arias Bio

Beginning at the age of 10, Arias showed an interest in images which continued in the course of her personal existence. Her formative years are unremarkable, but, she has said that she turned into an abused infant, claiming her dad and mom hit her with wooden spoons and a belt. The abuse allegedly commenced whilst she becomes 7-years-old.

Arias dropped out of Yreka Union High School in the eleventh grade. She persisted to pursue her hobby in professional photography whilst running at various element-time jobs.

Darryl Brewer

During the fall of 2001, Arias commenced working as a server at a restaurant placed at the Ventana Inn and Spa in Carmel, California. Darryl Brewer, who changed into the meals and beverage supervisor for the restaurant, become in charge of hiring and education the restaurant’s employees.

Both Arias and Brewer lived in the body of workers housing and in January 2003, they commenced dating. At the time Arias was 21 and Brewer was forty. They had already engaged in intercourse together earlier than they started to officially date.

Jodi Arias Bio

Jodi Arias Bio

Brewer stated that at that time, Arias become an accountable, being concerned and loving character.

Jodi Arias bio Wikipedia

In May 2005, Arias and Brewer purchased a domestic together in Palm Desert, California. The agreement turned into that they might every be chargeable for paying half of the loan payments of $2008 a month.

In February 2006, Jodi commenced running for Prepaid Legal, while retaining her server’s task at Ventana.

She additionally started out getting involved with the Mormon Church. She started out having traffic to the house who have been of the Mormon faith for Bible studies and institution prayer sessions.

In May 2006, Jodi instructed Brewer that she no longer wanted to have a bodily courting with him because she desired to exercise what she turned into being taught at church and store herself for her destiny husband. It is likewise around the equal time that she decided to have breast implants.

jodi arias parents

According to Brewer, at some point in the summer of 2006, Jodi had started to exchange for her involvement with Prepaid Legal increased. She has become financially irresponsible and started out defaulting on her monetary responsibilities, inclusive of what she owed in dwelling expenses.

Jodi Arias Bio

Jodi Arias Bio

As the relationship began to deteriorate, Brewer made preparations to transport to Monterrey to be toward his son. Jodi changed into no longer making plans to move with him and it changed into agreed that she might continue to be in the house till it can be bought.

Their dating ended in December 2006, however, they did stay friends and would every so often name each other. The following yr the residence went into foreclosures.

Travis Alexander

Arias and Travis Alexander met in September 2006, in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the same time as attending a Prepaid Legal Services convention.

Alexander becomes 30 and labored as a motivational speaker and a sales consultant for Prepaid Legal.

Arias was 28 and became living in Yreka, California, operating in sales for Prepaid Legal and looking to increase her photography enterprise. There turned into an instantaneous enchantment among the 2 and consistent with Arias, the connection have become sexual a week after they met.

At the time, Arias turned into a dwelling in California and Alexander turned into in Arizona. They started out traveling collectively to several states and while aside the relationship grew via emails (over 82,000 had been eventually exchanged) and speaking together on the phone day by day.

jodi arias now

On November 26, 2006, Arias become baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints so as, in her phrases, to get toward Alexander who was a devout Mormon. Three months later Alexander and Arias began dating every different exclusively and he or she moved from California to Mesa, Arizona, to be toward Alexander.

The relationship lasted around four months, ending within the latter a part of June 2007, even though they persisted to have intercourse collectively periodically. According to Arias, the relationship ended due to the fact she did no longer accept as true with Alexander. She later alleged that Alexander changed into a sexual deviant who became physically and sexually abusive to her and that he desired her to be his non-public slave.


Jodi Arias Bio

Jodi Arias Bio

After the connection ended, Alexander began a relationship with other women and allegedly complained to friends that Arias was jealous. He suspected that she had slashed his tires two times and despatched threatening anonymous emails to him and to the woman he changed into dating. He also advised friends that Arias had snuck into his domestic via a dog door even as he becomes sound asleep.

Secret Relationship

Despite the claims of being stalked, Alexander and Arias endured to journey collectively at some stage in March 2008 and maintained their sexual dating.

According to Arias, she grew uninterested in being Alexander’s mystery female friend and when it came time for her to discover some other region to stay after her roommate married, she determined to return to California.

Evidence indicates that after Arias left Arizona, that the 2 continued to change sexually specific net messages and pics.

According to Alexander’s buddies, in June 2008 he had enough of Arias after suspecting her of hacking into his Facebook account and bank debts. He allegedly advised her he desired her to live out of his life for all time.

Alexander is Murdered

According to police records, on June 2, 2008, Arias rented an automobile from Budget Rent-a-Car in Redding, California, and drove to Alexander’s home in Mesa, wherein they took images of them having sex together and in diverse nude poses.

On June four, Arias drove returned to California and returned the apartment vehicle to Budget-Rental.

Alexander’s friends became concerned about him while he missed a crucial assembly and failed to reveal up for a planned experience to Cancun, Mexico. On June nine, of his pals went to his domestic and woke up one in all his roommates, who insisted Alexander turned into out of the city. He then checked Alexander’s room which was locked and observed him dead on the floor of his shower stall.

Through a post-mortem, it becomes determined that Alexander has been shot in the forehead, stabbed 27 instances and his neck was severed.


The detectives coping with Alexander’s murder were capable of acquiring a number of forensic evidence at the homicide scene. This covered a digital camera which changed into found within the washing gadget, which seemed to had been washed.

It changed into preferred understanding that Alexander had grown irritated with Arias’ stalking. It was first advised that Arias could be concerned in Alexander’s death for the duration of the 9-1-1 call that became made after Alexander’s body turned into observed. Other friends and own family participants who had been interviewed by way of the detectives additionally suggested that the police ought to interview Arias.

Recovered Photos and DNA Results

Arias started calling Esteban Flores who became the detective that was in charge of the case. She asked about the info of the homicide and provided to help within the investigation. She claimed that she had no expertise in the crime and that she had to remain visible Alexander in April 2008.

On June 17, Arias allowed herself to be fingerprinted and swabbed for DNA, as did a lot of Alexander’s pals.

Two days after being fingerprinted, investigators puzzled her approximately a series of photographs which were recovered from the reminiscence card of the digicam that was observed within the washing machine. The pix, which were time-stamped on June 4, 2008, showed images of Alexander in the bathe, probably minutes before he became killed. There had been additionally snapshots of him mendacity on the ground bleeding.

Other pictures, which were deleted however recovered, had been of Jodi, nude and posed in provocative positions, additionally time-stamped on an identical day. Arias persevered to insist that she had no longer visible Alexander for the reason that April.

A week later lab tests confirmed that a bloody print found at the homicide scene contained DNA that matched Arias and Alexander. There was also a DNA fit to Arias on hair located at the scene.

Happy Birthday

Over the subsequent weeks, Arias attended a memorial carrier for Alexander, wrote a prolonged sympathy letter to his grandmother, organized for flowers to be despatched to his circle of relatives and published loving messages approximately Travis on her MySpace page.

On July nine, 2008, which became Arias’ birthday, a California grand jury indicted her on first-diploma murder. Six days later she changed into arrested and charged with first-degree homicide and in September she becomes extradited to Arizona to stand trial.

Lies and More Lies

Just days after being incarcerated in Arizona, Jodi Arias granted an interview with the Arizona Republic. During the interview, she insisted that she become harmless and had not anything to do with the murder of Alexander. She gave no cause of why her DNA become discovered on the murder scene.

A few weeks later, on September 24, 2008, the television display, “Inside Edition” also interviewed Arias, but this time she admitted that she was with Alexander when he turned into murdered and that it changed into intruders who did it.

She defined more approximately the homicide in any other interview for “forty-eight Hours” on June 23, 2009. She stated that she was “miraculously spared” for the duration of what she has known as a domestic invasion. According to her tale, Alexander was gambling around together with his new digicam and all of sudden she discovered herself lying on the bathroom ground after listening to a noisy pop.

When she appeared up she noticed a person and a female, each wearing black, drawing close. They have been sporting a knife and a gun. She said that the man pointed the gun at her and pulled the trigger, however, that nothing came about. She then ran out of the residence, leaving Alexander, and did no longer look lower back.

She defined her reason for no longer calling the police was due to the fact she turned into afraid for her existence and she turned into pretending that none of it happened. In fear, she drove back to California.

The Death Penalty

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office described the crimes of Jodi Arias especially merciless, heinous and accomplished in a wicked manner and sought the death penalty.

Jodi Arias Bio

Jodi Arias Bio

Representing Herself

Months earlier than the trial changed into to begin, Arias instructed the choose that she wanted to represent herself. The choose allowed it, so long as there has been a public defender gift all through the trial.

A few weeks later, Arias attempted to get letters into evidence that she alleged have been written by using Alexander. In the letters, Alexander admitted to being a pedophile. The letters were examined and determined to be cast. Within days of the forgery discovery, Arias advised the judge that she turned into over legally her head and her prison counsel was reinstated.

The Trial and Sentencing

The trial towards Jodi Arias started on January 2, 2013, in Maricopa County Superior Court with the Hon. Sherry K. Stephens presiding. Arias court docket-appointed attorneys, L. Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott, argued that Arias killed Alexander in self-defense.

The trial becomes stay-streamed and quick gained worldwide interest. Arias spent 18 complete days at the stand and mentioned being abused with the aid of her mother and father, shared intimate details about her sex existence with Travis Alexander and defined how the relationship had become verbally and bodily abusive.

After thinking of for 15 hours, the jury observed Arias responsible of first-diploma murder. On May 23, 2013, throughout the sentencing section, the jury turned into unable to reach a unanimous selection. A 2nd jury convened on October 20, 2014, but they too have been deadlocked eleven-1 in the desire of the death penalty. That left the sentencing choice as much as Stephens, despite the fact that the death penalty changed into now off the table. On April 13, 2013, Arias become sentenced to life imprisonment without the opportunity of parole.

Jodi Arias Bio

Jodi Arias Bio

She is currently dwelling on the Arizona State Prison Complex – Perryville and is assessed as an excessive-danger degree five prisoner and stays in maximum security.


Murdered Travis Alexander in 2008, claiming it befell in self-defense.

Before Fame

She claimed she became handled poorly and abused by using her dad and mom while she changed into a child.


She buried the gun she used to kill Travis Alexander in the wasteland after murdering him.

Family Life

When she, in the end, became arrested, she was at the home of her grandparents.

Associated With

Nancy Grace protected her trial on her popular TV show on HLN.

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