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John Cena Meme

John Cena Meme

John Cena Meme

John Cena Meme

John Cena has yet to appear on WWE programming on the grounds that he misplaced the USA Championship to Alberto Del Rio on the Hell in a Cell pay-in step with-view in October. Despite his absence, he’s nevertheless one in every of the largest superstars within the company.

He’s been the franchise of the WWE for over ten years and is arguably the nice WWE superstar of all time, however with that on occasion comes an effect on popular culture, as seen within the ultimate yr or so thru ‘Unexpected John Cena‘ films/memes which have been circulating around at the net.

To give an explanation for it absolutely when you have never seen one, it is without a doubt a random video from movies or simply normal existence wherein Cena abruptly appears at the screen and his theme song plays, and it’s miles taking on the internet. You can view multiple examples of them under.] The leader of the Cenation himself meditated on these movies/memes in a recent interview with GQ, where he becomes promoting a new film referred to as ‘Sisters’, which he stars in.

John Cena Meme

John Cena Meme

He said: “This right here is the litmus check. Because I’m sort of aware of what is going on, and I’m concerned about popular culture, and you cannot dictate popular culture. So whilst popular culture is kind enough to can help you in, make the most you, and in numerous cases make fun of you, and you are just gonna be the car to push this new gag, I completely include it. Whether it’s in reward or total humor, I do not care.

“Just to be popular at this factor in my profession, I suppose it is pretty unique. At the end of the day, I am overwhelmingly venerated to interrupt such historic activities.”

With so lots of these motion pictures flying around, it’s sudden that the WWE hasn’t incorporated or mentioned it on WWE programming but. They did launch multiple movies of their own on their website, but their version wasn’t as right as some of the gemstones you can locate on the internet.

Here are some of the fine ‘Unexpected John Cena‘ movies/memes.

John Cena is arguably the maximum polarising professional wrestler of all time and he’s as near a family name as you can get inside the past decade. But is there anything more popular than John Cena? Yes and that’s memes related to Cena.

John Cena Meme

John Cena Meme

Cena has been the issue of many humorous memes during the last 5 years when the fashion and popularity of memes simply gained traction. At first, those had been handiest limited to message boards but now they’re ubiquitous. One can locate them on a multitude of social media structures like Facebook, Vine, Twitter, and Instagram.

The ultra-modern addition to the lengthy listing of memes related to the 15-time World champion is the ‘Unexpected Cena’ or ‘….And it’s John Cena’ or ‘It’s John Cena’ which have become viral in 2015 and blanketed by means of numerous sports activities e-books like Sports Illustrated and Uproxx.

This meme became often used throughout on Vine and on quick YouTube videos which involved a very unrelated video clip finishing with a cacophonous introduction of John Cena’s music or John Cena himself being morphed into one of the characters from the video for humorous effect.

On this notice, permit’s test some of the first-class memes devoted to Big Match John!

Online History

Rap Videos

John Cena Meme

John Cena Meme

In 2005, Cena released his debut rap album titled “You Can’t See Me” after his debut catchphrase. The album contained the unmarried “My Time Is Now” which has grown to be his cutting-edge front music and a famous meme on websites like Vine and Youtube in the form of Unexpected John Cena. The track, which turned into uploaded to Youtube on May 20, 2007, has acquired 3.7 million views (shown below, left) as of September 2015. On January fifth, 2007 a video titled “JOHN CENA RAP BATTLES A FAN” capabilities a fan tough Cena to a freestyle rap war. As of September 2015, the video has amassed 3.1 million perspectives (proven beneath, right). Cena is likewise recognized for challenging his in-ring fighters to rap battles.

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Cena Wins Lol
Cena Wins Lol is a phrase referencing the predictability of Cena’s fits, which often result in his victory.

John Cena Meme

John Cena Meme

CENA WINS LOL John Cena CM Punk crowd audience product a laugh
Unexpected John Cena / And His Name is John Cena
Unexpected John Cena (also called “And His Name is John Cena” and “It’s John Cena”) refers to a video clip that loudly introduces Cena as his intro music plays. Initially, the short clip was often edited onto the quiet of a video or Vine either to produce a jump scare or humorous effect, however, has improved so putting the song anywhere is now referred to as an Unexpected John Cena.

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Cena is a polarizing parent in the professional wrestling franchise. He is understood for being a superhero and a good position model for children, because of this he doesn’t commonly swear, cheat or otherwise be excessively violent in public. This makes him famous among children, but the behavior is divisive amongst person wrestling enthusiasts who decide upon the more violent and mature “Attitude Era” of WWE. He is also unpopular for his near-invincibility, triumphing almost each foremost healthy, even when his win is unbelievable or illogical.

Despite this, Cena remains among the maximum profitable, famous, and cherished wrestlers inside the franchise.

Personal Life

John Cena Meme

John Cena Meme

Cena is currently engaged to Nikki Bella, a female wrestler also hired with WWE. He is keen on Anime, and his favorite anime film is Fist of the North Star. He additionally has fulfilled over 500 desires thru the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the maximum through any celebrity in the history of the inspiration.

Wrestlemania Proposal

At Wrestlemania 33, after he and Bella defeated The Miz and Maryse in a combined-tag suit, Cena become exceeded a microphone and proceeded to advise to Bella in the ring. The second becomes compiled in Twitter Moments that nighttime.

Popular weatherman Al Roker was the visitor announcer for the match. The following day, Cena and Bella seemed on The Today Show to speak about their engagement.

Nikki Bella Breakup

On April fifteenth, 2018, Us Weekly pronounced that Cena and Nikki Bella had mutually agreed to break up, finishing their an awful lot-publicized engagement. That day, Bella tweeted an assertion confirming the break up (shown below).

Nikki & Brie @BellaTwins Follow We love you all N “After an awful lot contemplation and six years of being together Nikki Bella and John Cena introduced today their choice to split as a couple. “While this decision changed into a difficult one, we retain to have an extremely good deal of love and appreciate for one another. We ask which you admire our privacy for the duration of this time in our lives.”

John Cena Meme

John Cena Meme

People Magazine pronounced that a source told them in the run-up to a planned May 5th wedding ceremony, Cena was given “bloodless toes,” and felt as though he could not undergo with the marriage. After the breakup, Cena published a few unhappy pics on his Instagram web page (shown below).

We were collective. I forget the rest. -Walt Whitman WORST DAY EVER! Zero textual content font cartoon

It turned into later rumored that Cena was hooking up with fellow wrestler Carmella, however that became in no way showed. On May 12th, 2018, a photograph circulated online of John Cena with a patchy beard (shown below), which some enthusiasts took to intend he had ceased his excessive grooming routine because of the breakup.

John Cena WWE Extreme Rules individual guy chin facial hair mustache brow

John Cena Meme

John Cena Meme

On May 14th, Cena regarded on The Today Show where he addressed the breakup. Cena instructed Kathy Lee and Hoda Kotb he “had his coronary heartbroken out of nowhere” and stated:

“I’ve checked out myself every day, and I’ve attempted to assess myself each day, and the girl I love. For each person obtainable speculating on what I’m doing with my existence now: I still love Nicole. I would nevertheless love to marry Nicole. I still would like to have a family with Nicole.”

Two days later, Bella seemed on The Today Show where she stated she had desired her and Cena could paintings things out:

I do have hope for our destiny, however, I understand right now I need to work on me. Before I do say the one’s vows and stroll down that aisle, I just don’t need to be hesitant. I don’t need to be regretful. I simply have wished. I truly do.”

John Cena Meme

John Cena Meme

This caused extreme hypothesis that the entire breakup has been a “paintings,” or a fabricated publicity stunt, designed to generate attention for the May 20th, 2018 ultimate of Total Bellas a fact display starring Bella, Cena, wrestler Daniel Bryan and his wife Brie Bella, Nikki Bella’s sister. Cageside Seats wrote that if that is the case, the “paintings” is very clean to look via.

Okay, look. Most humans will be extra surprised at this factor if it turns out this isn’t an angle being performed to sell the Bellas’ E! Reality display franchises. And you may experience approximately that however, you feel about that.
But if it is what we assume it’s far… allow’s have a look at it as kayfabe. It’s being treated with less subtlety than Alexa Bliss forgetting there are cameras on her at the same time as she body-shames Nia Jax. And although the story felt real, Nikki isn’t an excellent sufficient actress to tug this off.
Unexpected John Cena also called “And His Name is John Cena” and “It’s John Cena”, refers to a video clip that loudly introduces WWE wrestler John Cena as his intro track performs. Initially, the fast clip is frequently edited onto the quiet of a video or Vine both to produce a jump scare or humorous effect, however as the meme grew popular there had been deviations inclusive of gifs and photos that have diverted from this traditional approach.


The audio for the clip consists of a mixture of components. The soundtrack comes from John Cena’s real WWE introduction, first utilized in 2005, while the visuals in most versions come from the 2012 edition of his introduction video. YouTuber TripleFlipKick360 uploaded the creation video on May sixth, 2012, gaining over 18 million views as of July twentieth, 2015 (shown under, left). The bombastic voiceover introducing the wrestler is taken from a Z Morning Zoo prank name uploaded onto YouTube on March 11th, 2014 with over 14 million views as of July twentieth, 2015 (proven under, proper). The audio clip used is on the 3:24 mark of the video.


On Vine, over 11k outcomes are tagged with #JohnCena, which indicates the use of the clip. On Reddit, a subreddit called Unexpected Cena turned into created April 7th, 2015 through user ReptilianFarts, and has one kind of over 30,000 readers as of July twentieth, 2015. On Facebook, a web page titled UnexpectedCena became created gaining roughly a hundred,000 likes that feature various films and photos of the meme. On August second, 2014, Youtuber muck-mouth uploaded a video of the audio clip and has won over 1 million views (proven below, left). On June eleventh, 2015, Youtuber King Nate uploaded a Vine compilation of “Unexpected Cena” gaining over 2 million views (proven below, proper).

A seek for “Unexpected John Cena” on Youtube suggests 18,000 consequences the meme. The meme has additionally received an awful lot nativity on Tumblr as properly. On July twenty-first, 2015, Reddit person TonySesek556 created a domain for right away gambling and looping the clip. On July 22nd, 2015, Viner Evan Santiago uploaded a video titled “equal: Part 1.” gaining over eight million loops (proven under, left). On September seventh, 2015, Viner BSM uploaded a parody of the song, playing it with flutes via his nostril and gaining five. Nine million loops (shown underneath, right).

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