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Kingsman The Golden Circle Review And Story

Kingsman The Golden Circle is released now you all should go to cinemas and watch this awesome movie immediately as I have watched it, so I am going to tell all of you its story and giving you a review about it so stay tuned with us to learn more about it.

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Now let’s go to the topic:

As you know all series of Kingsman are extra awesome so that is why movie named Kingsman: The Golden Circle is also great and good time killer.

I was so happy after watching this kind of great movie it was unexpected.It is really too much entertaining and interesting and good graphics attract me to watch it again and again.

It is a story of an imaginary world which is known as Kingsman Wolrd.A boy named Eggsy is a young recruit of Kingsman and on the other hand, there is July a drug dealer and creator.She has made robots because she hates humans due to their bad habits like they are selfish (she thinks). The movie also contains fun, action and beautiful places. The main reason I like Kingsman: The Golden Circle is their reason and logic behind every scene and dialogue. The movie starts when Eggsy the main hero and young recruit of Kingsman is going in the car somewhere and suddenly he is attacked by a man with a cut hand. The Man with cut hand has a robotic hand which has many powers like a computer machine.Eggsy fight with him and the fight is so interesting and then finally Eggsy beat him and then he leaves his card because he has to go with her girlfriend.He leaves his car and after that, the robotic hand scan his computer and copy all his data send it to headquarters.The enemies of Eggsy trace his data and attack all of them who are listed in the database.Eggsy was so sad then he goes to Kingsman building then he visits statesman and contributes with them.They agree with him and they include him in their mission as a drug dealer.In statesman Eggsy meet with harry a secret agent of the statesman who works for statesman against poppy drugs.The real action and story begin now as  Eggsy and Harry go to find July.They go to a musical concert to find a girl to track her they can find the poppy house a big drug dealer.She is separated from the world she has made her own world.Her world is just like jungles, old-style houses.She thinks that nobody can find her as she is far away from the population.She has made her own robotic dogs and workers as I already told you that she doesn’t like humans.As you all know that girls are not much powerful like men but as a villain, she has many powers like she can trace others she can see who is entering his world so that she can send her army to attack others.Many people are saying that the movie is not good but I think it is a good movie not that much worse as people are saying.It has great cinematography and good background places like snowfall and sunny weathers.

Review in short:

In short, i am telling the whole process in some words: 

Kingsman: The Golden Circle has good graphics, good location,  good logic, good actors with nice and outstanding acting, it has a valid reason and logic behind every happening a-z is explained with logic.

You should go with your loved ones to watch it.







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