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Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon

Actress Laura Prepon rose to reputation at the sitcom ‘That ’70s Show’ before touchdown a starring role at the hit Netflix collection ‘Orange Is the New Black.’

Who Is Laura Prepon?

Laura Prepon became born on March 7, 1980. In 1998, she despatched in an audition tape for an upcoming Fox sitcom called That ’70s Show and landed the part of Donna. The popular Emmy Award-winning sitcom, which also sparked the careers of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, made Laura Prepon a family name among TV fans. Since starring on That ’70s Show, Prepon has come to be a growing star of TV and movie, appearing inside the productions Are You There, Chelsea? And Orange Is the New Black.

Husband & Daughter

In October 2016, Prepon introduced her engagement to actor Ben Foster. She gave birth to daughter Ella in August 2017, and the following June, she and Foster formally tied the knot.

Movies and TV Shows

‘That ’70s Show’

It did not take long for Prepon to efficaciously make the shift from modeling to appearing. In 1998, she sent in an audition tape for an upcoming Fox sitcom called That ’70s Show. Prepon landed the part of Donna, an attractive and tomboyish feminist, at the show which accompanied a group of Wisconsin young adults developing up in the 1970s. The popular Emmy Award-winning sitcom, which additionally sparked the careers of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, made Laura Prepon a household name among television lovers.

‘October Road,’ ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ ‘The Killing Game’
Since starring on That ’70s Show, Prepon has grown to be a growing star of tv and movie. She landed a starting position at the ABC series October Road (2007-08) and an ordinary spot on CBS’s How I Met Your Mother (2009-10). Prepon has seemed in movies, along with Slackers (2002), Lightning Bug (2004), The Pornographer: A Love Story (2004) and The Killing Game (2011).

‘Are You There, Chelsea?’

Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon

Prepon also was given the lead position within the collection Are You There, Chelsea? In 2012, which became loosely based on comedian Chelsea Handler’s lifestyles within the book Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea (2008). Prepon played Handler, however, the series become canceled after its first season.

‘Orange Is the New Black’

The following yr, Prepon turned into the cast in the famous Netflix collection Orange Is the New Black, on which she plays Alex, the on-and-off-again female friend of the show’s major man or woman, Piper (Taylor Schilling). The display has confirmed to be a primary hit, with it being automatically renewed thru to its 7th season.

‘The Girl on the Train’

Prepon has additionally appeared on the big screen, touchdown featured roles inside the mystery The Girl at the Train (2016), starring Emily Blunt, and The Hero (2017), with Sam Elliott.

Other Interests

Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon

Both Maxim and Stuff mag have featured Prepon on their lists of the maximum stunning girls in the global. But regardless of her desirable seems and movie star repute, she is referred to as a down-to-earth, no-frills type of woman. That ’70s Show co-big name Topher Grace stated of Prepon, “She, in reality, is that girl that you by no means suppose exists, that imperative female that each guy is looking for.” She normally does now not wear make-up, ties her hair again in an unfastened ponytail and says her cloth cabinet includes “the equal denim and an exceptional T-shirt every day.” When now not appearing, Prepon keeps busy with fishing, taking pictures on the firing variety, using dirt bikes and gambling poker.

In 2005 Prepon fused her poker interest with her tv career when she co-produced the E! Entertainment reality TV show Hollywood Hold’em, which functions celebrities website hosting poker tournaments at their homes.

Asked approximately her biggest career intention in a recent interview, Prepon answered that she desires to “direct an absolutely important movie. I love character-pushed films that I can relate to in my view.”

Early Life

Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon

Actress Laura Prepon was born on March 7, 1980, the youngest of five siblings in a near-knit own family in Watchung, New Jersey. Her father, Michael, turned into an orthopedic healthcare professional, and her mom, Marjorie, become a high college trainer. Prepon skilled a personal loss in 1993 when her father surpassed away while present process heart surgery. Her own family grew quite close at the same time as coping with the loss of Prepon’s father. According to Prepon, her complete family still gathers annually in New Jersey for Thanksgiving, where their quirky traditions encompass singing Meat Loaf’s “Paradise via the Dashboard Light” together on the dining room desk.

Prepon attended Watchung Hills Regional High School until 1995, when, at age 15, she fell in love with performing and transferred to the Total Theatre Lab in New York City. While undergoing intensive performing training, Prepon additionally studied ballet, jazz, and current dance and regarded in level productions of A Woman of Property and Ascension Day. Strikingly stunning, the five-foot 10-inch aspiring actress first observed work as a model. Despite touring the globe to version in Paris, Milan, and Brazil, Prepon fast evolved a distaste for modeling. “I hated modeling,” she proclaims. “It turned into a type of exciting before everything, but then I found out it wasn’t what I wanted. I knew I wanted to behave.”

Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon

Hobbies encompass horseback using, gymnastics, ice skating, ballet, tennis, and gambling the piano.
Resides in Watchung, New Jersey, whilst not filming in Los Angeles.
Ranked #eighty four in Stuff mag’s “102 Sexiest Women In The World” (2002)

Her father turned into from a Russian Jewish family. Her mom has Irish, English, and German ancestry.

Hated the Catholic school female uniform she had to wear all through the 5th season of That ’70s Show (1998).

Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon

Due to the seven-inch height difference between her and co-star Mila Kunis on That ’70s Show (1998), Laura and Mila have been often filmed sitting down so that they may appear inside the body together. At different instances, Mila wore platform footwear to provide herself 4 greater inches.

Is happy with being a New Jersey native.

Said her preferred actor might be Harrison Ford.
Is a natural redhead despite commonplace misconception. Prepon stated in an interview that she dyed her hair black, for the function of “Alex Vause” in Orange Is the New Black (2013), to offer her individual the ‘rockabilly appearance’, however she is, in truth, evidently redheaded.

Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon

Named #77 at the Maxim mag “Hot one hundred of 2005” list.
Was featured as #50 in Maxim Magazine’s “Hot a hundred of 2002” supplement. (2002)

Has attended U.F.C. Indicates.

Her father turned into an orthopedic healthcare professional. Her mom is an excessive school trainer. One of her sisters is a lawyer.
Used to be a ballet dancer.

Her ultimate name is formally said “PREE-pon”.
She is the youngest of five kids. She has three sisters and 1 brother.
Was a cheerleader in eighth grade.
Close friends with her Orange Is the New Black (2013) co-stars, Taylor Schilling and Natasha Lyonne.
Is a Scientologist.

Friends together with her That ’70s Show (1998) co-star Topher Grace, and Wilmer Valderrama.
She moved to Paris while she changed into 15 years old to do modeling.
(June three, 2018) Married her longtime boyfriend Ben Foster following nearly a 2-year-long engagement. They have 10-month-vintage daughter Ella together.
Has a daughter, Ella Foster (b. August 2017), with her husband Ben Foster.

Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon

Returned to paintings a month after giving delivery to her daughter to be able to maintain filming on Orange Is the New Black (2013).
Personal Quotes (23)
I’m no longer a solar man or woman.
I don’t like wearing ’70s clothes at all.
I’m a Jersey lady and proud of it.
When human beings meet me, they think I’m going to be outgoing, however, I like things low- key. I do not like humans to think I’m bragging.

Even in actual life, I’d alternatively cling out with men.
[on an acting role] I’m the tomboy so I got to be a bit butch.
I in no way wear make-up. When I put on makeup at the show I take it off as soon as I can. I similar to the natural thing.
So after I first got into Scientology, I did ‘Personal Values’ and ‘Integrity’ and then ‘Overcoming Ups and Downs in Life’. These courses touched on the observations I became aware of when I became younger. It was right there in black and white. It becomes exceptional, and I felt that subsequently, something changed into talking my language. It completely related to me. Pretty quickly after that, I got onto the ‘Purification Rundown’, and I started out shifting up the Bridge. [Scientology’s Celebrity Magazine, 2015]

It’s not that I without a doubt hate the garments, I just don’t like all the polyester. And the bell-bottoms-the huge ones-are pretty bad. Some of the stuff that Wilmer wears is terrible. And Debra Jo [Rupp, who plays Kitty Forman]. But, I swear, they’re turning Donna into Annie Hall this season. More ties. More suits. But they’re additionally maintaining her truly motivated, ya know? Like, wanting to be a rock journalist. Wanting to be the first woman president.
My circle of relatives becomes very unorthodox. My mom becomes very eccentric and fantastic. She constantly dealt with us like adults. She depended on us to have a head on our shoulders, and thank God she did.

Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon

I consume organic and cook dinner my meals every time possible, and I stay via the eighty/20 rule. Eighty percent of the time I’m Stash all the manner, 20 percentage I experience the matters I need.
I get to wake up and do what I love every day and I don’t take that with no consideration. I experience grateful for it ordinary.
There’s not anything you may say that could surprise me.
Food is an ardor due to the fact I essentially grew up in a kitchen. My mother becomes a gourmet chef and I’m the youngest of 5 children. We might usually congregate within the kitchen.
I love being a redhead. It’s an unprecedented element, so I think there may be a bond between redheads.

I recognize that when you contend with yourself and are glad and wholesome, you are higher for the ones around you and your environment. I additionally recognize that many ailments can be healed with meals via nourishing your frame as opposed to taking capsules.
I went to Milan after I became 15. I become continually seeking out something; I never truly felt like I belonged in which I turned into, so I went to stay in distant places.

They ought to be humorous. That’s top of the list. They have so as to spark my hobby so I want to pursue it, and they need to have an awesome personality, sincerely laid-lower back. All those matters are sexy to me. But he can’t be anal. I can’t stand being around anal human beings, specifically anal human beings with massive egos.
A lot of factors encourage me. When I see a stunning piece of art, it evokes me to be creative. When I see an extraordinary play or film, it evokes me as an actress and a filmmaker. I these days noticed Annette Bening in Ruth Draper’s Monologues (2014). Her overall performance blew me away. She completely inspired me as an actress. Also, consuming healthy and looking after my body and my mind, in reality, make me come alive, and seeing others doing that conjures up me to stay with it. I continually feel exceptional after I do.
For a few reasons, I like to place myself in conditions where I do not even know how I ended up there. I by no means want to be complacent or secure in a function.

There’s a miles bigger image we’re all striving for. To sweat, the small stuff just stresses you out for no reason.
The worst diets are those that limit your energy an excessive amount of and try to trick your body. You haven’t any electricity, and it’s ridiculous.
When I’m working, it is subsequent to impossible. I want to suppose I’ll simply be walking down the road sooner or later and forestall and meet someone, like, Oh my god, you are exquisite, after which we begin dating. But, no. [Laughs].

Along with her performing lessons, Pepron took ballet and jazz dance classes. This got here in handy whilst she changed into decided on for the level productions of ‘A Woman of Property’ and ‘Ascension Day’.

Her peak fetched her many modeling assignments and she traveled to Paris, Milan, and Brazil for photo shoots.
In September 1997, she made her debut on ‘They Go On’, a Levi Strauss-developed soap opera.

In 1998, Prepon’s step forward position took place whilst she sent an audition tape for an upcoming Fox sitcom called ‘That ‘70s Show’. The sitcom was about a collection of teenagers from the Wisconsin of the Nineteen Seventies. She changed into lauded for her overall performance as the attractive and smart tomboy Donna Pinciotti.
In 2001, Laura Prepon starred in her first film, an impartial venture named ‘Southlander’. It was a comedy musical by Steve Hanft and additionally starred Beck and Beth Orton, amongst others.
In 2002 she acted within the movie ‘Slackers’, a teen film approximately looking to rip-off through university unsuccessfully.
In 2004, whilst Prepon was on a temporary destroy from ‘That ‘70s Show’, she acted in ‘The Pornographer: A Love Story’, an impartial movie which blurs the difference between art and existence.

Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon

The 12 months 2004 saw her creating a cameo voice appearance as a marine employees John-117 in ‘Halo 2’. The equal 12 months, she becomes forged in an outstanding position in the darkish thriller ‘Lightning Bug’. As a step for increasing her photograph beyond the popular ‘The ‘70s Show’, Prepon took up the mantle of the govt producer of this movie.
In 2005, Prepon starred in ‘Karla’, the movie primarily based on the authentic event of a deranged couple who abused and murdered three girls. The identical 12 months, she turned into the government producer of ‘E! Hollywood Hold’em’, a poker tv application aired at the E! Television Network.
She turned into one of the solid members of the ABC display ‘October Road’ which aired on March 15th, 2007.
Between 2009 to early 2011, she appeared in a number of TV collection like ‘In Plain Sight’(Lauren), ‘How I Met Your Mother’ (Karen), ‘House M.D’, ‘Castle’ and more.
In February 2011, she changed into cast within the titular role of Chelsea Newman in the NBC sitcom ‘Are You There, Chelsea?’
Her recent venture has been the role of Alex Vause, an ex-drug supplier and Piper Chapman’s ex-lady friend inside the Netflix authentic ‘Orange is the New Black’, which premiered in July 2013. A normal in the season 1, Prepon again in 13 episodes of both season 2 and three.

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Awards & Achievements
She turned into nominated for a Teen Choice Award in 2002 for her role in ‘That ’70s Show’.
She has hosted award suggests like the ‘Second Annual TV Guide Awards’ (2000), ‘Teen Choice Awards’ (2000) and ‘American Music Awards’ (2001).
Laura Prepon has been the cover female for 2 problems of ‘Maxim’.
In 2002, ‘Stuff’ magazine covered her in their list of the ‘102 Sexiest Women within the World’ and in 2005, she became in ‘Maxim’s list of ‘Hot a hundred’.

Personal Life & Legacy

Prepon was in a long time relationship with Christopher Masterson, the younger brother of Danny Masterson in ‘That ‘70s Show’. The couple broke up in 2007.
She dated Scott Michael Foster, the TV actor from 2008 to 2013.
In an interview with ‘Women’s Health’ in November 2007, Prepon admitted to being a Scientologist.
Prepon takes a strong interest in using dust bikes, capturing and gambling poker.

Net Worth

According to estimates, Laura Prepon’s net well worth presently stands at $12 million.

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